LS 18 Light Sheet
Tiling Light Sheet Microscope
Tiling Light Sheet Microscope


Nuohai LS18 light sheet microscope is a versatile tilling light sheet microscope with semi-automatic calibration capability. It can quickly tile multiple small and thin light sheet (up to 1μm) for illumination under the same field of view(FOV).  Nuohai  LS18 light sheet microscope is suitable for multicolored rapid 3D imaging of tissue samples transparent by all tissue transparency methods. The LS18 light sheet microscope is suitable for 3D imaging of polychromatic labeled transparent samples.  Its imaging spatial resolution can reach 1μm horizontally and 3 μm vertically


1、The microscope uses unique dynamic tilling light sheet technology to achieve higher spatial resolution and better optical sectioning ability than conventional light sheet microscopes. It has the ability to automatically calibrate and optimize light sheet in real time

2. The imaging mode of the microscope is flexible and adjustable. The LS18 light sheet microscope is equipped with different NA detection objectives ,which enable different magnification observations from 0.63 times to 12.6 times,  and it can also complete imaging of the entire large sample tissue in minutes. Therefore, LS18 light sheet microscope is suitable for high-speed 3D imaging of large sample tissues and organs at cellular resolutions.


3.The LS18 photocopy microscope is compatible with all tissue transparency methods. It can image samples treated by various transparent methods based on water solubility, organic solvents, hydrogels, etc., It can also image tissues of different shapes and mechanical strengths at the same time.

4.The LS18 light sheet microscope has the function of semi-automatic calibration, its image quality is reliable, and it is also easy to operate.  

5. LS18 light sheet microscope can perform multi-resolution, isotropic and multicolor three-dimensional imaging on the transparent sample tissues;  

6. The sample loading method of LS18 light sheet microscope is simple and easy for users to operate.  

7. The software interface of LS18 light sheet microscope is intuitive, and the operation steps are simple and clear.  


8. In order to ensure perfect image quality, we provide a variety of sample fixation solutions.  According to the sample of the morphology, size, degree of hardness and softness, we designed different samples fixed solution, such as viscose, clamping, needle fixed, gel embed,etc. For different kinds of transparent samples, appropriate sample fixation methods can be selected to ensure solid sample fixation, and this will ensure the integrity and smoothness of sample imaging.  

At the same time, Nuohai life science set up a one-stop service platform to provide the general customers with professional one-stop research services such as biological tissue transparency, immunostaining, 3D fluorescence imaging, data analysis, data storage, etc . Our aim is to provide individual / customized solutions for every life science worker through precise, rapid and diversified scientific research services.



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A Versatile Tiling Light Sheet Microscope for Cleared Tissues Imaging




Lighting mode

bilateral lighting



Light sheet type

dynamic virtual light sheet

Number of light sheet

1-10 (real time adjustable)

Thickness of light sheet


Imaging range

2 cm × 2 cm × 1.5 cm


SCMOS camera, 2048 (H) × 2048 (V), pixel size 6.5 μ m

Laser wavelength

405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 637nm, etc., can be customized according to the demand.

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