Nuohai Tissue Clearing Kit
Nuohai Tissue Clearing Kit
Nuohai Tissue Clearing Kit

Nuohai Tissue Clearing Kit (NH210701)

For decades, histological detection technology has been the gold-standard’ for pathological diagnosis and biomedical research. However, the traditional method of obtaining image information based on 2D tissue sections can only help us see segment of a whole, which fails to provide integral tissue information to reflect bioinformatics panorama of the sample, or may even miss the key information. As the saying goes: the slightest difference leads to a huge error. More importantly, the inherent three-dimensional property of biological tissue makes the life science research increasingly rely on the complete interpretation of spatial information, for example, the researches on brain nerve projection, vascular distribution and tumor microenvironment among others, require three-dimensional spatial information in order to carry out objective analysis and subsequent research. Therefore, having a convenient and reliable way to obtain 3D information is the key to decode life science research in current stage and the future.


In recent years, optical microscopy, with its efficient three-dimensional imaging characteristics, has been widely used in fields as brain science, oncology, immunology, drug research and development, histopathological diagnosis etc. Nevertheless, the heterogeneity of biological tissues, such as water, lipid and protein molecules causing light scattering; various pigments inside cells leading to light absorption, not only limits imaging depth, but also reduces image quality. It is still a great challenge to carry out three-dimensional imaging of whole organ or tissue. Therefore, tissue transparency technology is the key to exploit the full potential of today's optical sectioning microscopy.


Since CLARITY was selected as one of Science's Top 10 Breakthroughs in 2013, more and more tissue clearing methods have been emerging"Solvent-based clearing", "aqueous-based clearing" and " hydrogel-based method” form " the three pillars" of the filed. In general, the solvent-based methods achieve good transparency and high efficiency, but organic solvents tend to quench and weaken the fluorescence signals; the aqueous-based methods are more friendly to fluorescent protein but with limited clearing efficiency; as to hydrogel-based methods, which better preserve tissue architecture and fluorescence, require auxiliary equipment, costly matched commercial reagents, and trained operators. 

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As different tissue clearing methods have their particular characteristics, researchers are obligated to choose the most appropriate one according to their own research purpose and experimental scheme so as to obtain the optimal experimental outcome. In practice, however, it is difficult to determine the most suitable before trying and comparing several different methods. And in many cases, we find it difficult or unattainable to repeat the amazing effect the literature demonstrates just because of some subtle discrepancies in reagent sources, solution preparation, concentration setting, pH adjustment, etc. Thus, no one can assure to “encounter” the “Mr Right” method. 


Now good news comes that Nuohai’s Tissue Clearing Kit has successfully optimized the solution! Based on abundant testing and comparison among various tissue clearing methods in the course of technical services, Nuohai has accumulated valuable experience and finally developed the tissue clearing kit, which is expected to be an ideal alternative for scientific researchers. Nuohai Tissue Clearing Kit NH210701, with carefully optimized formula, enables high-efficiency delipidation and decolorization penetrating the cell without damaging tissue itself nor protein structure; with hydrophilic and mild environment, provides excellent performance in tissue fluorescence protection.

Nuohai Tissue Clearing Kit NH210701

Example of mouse brain clearing by Tissue Clearing Kit NH210701


There is no doubt that the kit facilitates excellent performance in sample shape maintenance and auto-fluorescence reduction.  It can easily realize the transparency of mouse brain, heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, stomach, intestine, testis, lymph, placenta, ovary and other tissues and organs, with wide application range, simple operation protocols, unprecedented speed, depth and quality. 

Tissue Clearing Performance with our Tissue Clearing Kit NH210701

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